Stewart Dier

Managing Director

Stewart has over 20 years of institutional investment experience which includes managing pension fund assets as well as marketing and sales roles at investment management firms.

He has a well-established network to help managers raise capital for funds and separate accounts, in both traditional and alternative asset classes, across the institutional landscape. Stewart helps investment managers better communicate their competitive advantages and improve their success in manager searches. He also helps managers improve various marketing, client service and operational functions to compete at a higher level.

Stewart’s pension fund management experience includes the New York City Retirement Systems (“NYCRS”) and the Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System. At NYCRS he helped develop the Emerging Manager program, ESG investment program, and well alternative investment strategies.

Stewart was a Director at Guggenheim Investments where he collaborated with portfolio management and marketing to win new business from pension funds and other investors. Before working at Guggenheim, he was a Vice President, Product Manager and Business Analyst at Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management (acquired by Allianz) where he introduced the firm and its investment strategies to public funds and other institutional investors.

Stewart has spoken at institutional investment conferences on Asset Allocation, Opportunistic Strategies, Alternative Investments, Creating an Emerging Manager Program, Best in Class Client Service, and Mastering the RFP Process.